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We are a boutique media company specializing in video production, media training & coaching, and TV news gathering.


  • Corporate Video
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  • Media training
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  • Crisis communication
  • Executive coaching
  • Presentation improvement

Our team members all reside in the major metropolitan areas of Arizona including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa.  However, the Dubek Media Group offers media training and video production services nationwide. If you are looking to improve your media messaging skills, or brand your business through video, you have come to the right place. Call us today at: 480-250-6479.

Media Training: Jeb Bush And The Bridge

Some times media training practices requires thorough explanation. Other times it’s best to show you how it’s done. This blog will focus more on the “show” than the “tell”. 2016 Presidential candidate Jeb Bush was on NBC’s Today Show and like most political news interviews, he was forced to put his interview bridging skills to the test. What is bridging? Watch how Bush responds to repeated questions from Matt Lauer on his sagging polling numbers. While his bridging techniques are text book, he still could use some serious energy and animation... read more

Why You Can Benefit from Media Training

Since 2008, I have conducted a lot of Phoenix media training and have traveled throughout Arizona and beyond. Along the way I have trained three Arizona gubernatorial candidates and a host of other high profile elected officials. I’ve trained federal, state, and local government groups too. I’ve  trained star football and basketball players, CEO’s, spokespersons, medical professionals and lawyer groups. Many of these people will get plenty of air time and the media and messaging coaching is a necessary part of their career growth. But some will never be in front of a camera. So why go through the training at all? Frankly, I didn’t really understand the side benefits to media training until I started receiving feedback from my clients. Here’s what I’ve learned from them over the past seven years: Media training improves overall communication skills, not just for media:  Just about every client I have worked with has told me that my mock interviews, that is, being recorded in front of a camera and then playing back the footage, was the single most beneficial communication exercise they have been part of. While at times “painful”, there is nothing like watching yourself to determine what you do well and what you need to work on. Condensing messages for media works well for business too: My workshops include a section on my seven second soundbite rule for today’s digital news media. I force my trainees to condense their messages for media consumption, so that most of their messages can stand on their own and be consumed by the media. Most people have a natural tendency to ramble, to... read more

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