In today’s crowded digital media world, you must be able to effectively communicate a complete thought in six seconds or less.


Don’t be fooled by those who have never worked in front of a camera. Real media trainers have “walked the walk”.

And tread carefully if hiring a media trainer who last worked in a TV newsroom in the 1970’s. A lot has changed and the news media continues to evolve.

Rich Dubek is a two-time Emmy winning TV reporter and is one of only a few media trainers worldwide actively working in television network news. Rich has a firm grasp of the inner workings of today’s digital news media and since 2008 he has helped his clients navigate a complex digital media and social media landscape. Over the years, Rich has perfected his media training workshops to help his clients improve their on-camera performance, appearance, messaging and soundbites, and ability to answer difficult questions.

Rich is now recognized as one of the top media trainers in the country and a reason why clients like the federal government, high profile political candidates, top advertising agencies and dozens of Fortune 500 companies utilize the media training services of the Dubek Media Group.

Media Training 101

Media Training includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Understanding the Media
  • Today’s Digital Media & Social Media
  • General Communication Improvement
  • Being a Better Presenter
  • Top Ten Alternatives to “No Comment”
  • How to Flag, Bridge, and Hook
  • Delivering the ‘Big speech’
  • How to Dress for TV
  • How to Speak in Sound Bites
  • How to Speak with Energy and Animation
  • How to Master the Art of  “Bracketing”
  • Creating Message Points
  • Managing a Crisis
  • One on One: On-camera Presentation Improvement Training
  • Social media on-camera training
  • Messaging
  • Mock news interviews with immediate playback review
  • Corporate Executive Presentation Improvement
  • Individual or Group Training
  • All training available in-person or via video conference


Our newest media training curriculum is “Visual Storytelling 101” .

This training is best suited for a new in-house video production team or an existing team which wants to improve their visual storytelling and efficiencies.

Dubek Media Group President Rich Dubek will share his expert, Emmy award winning visual storytelling experience with your video production team.

Including his time spent in television news, Rich Dubek has been creating award winning videos for thirty years. His stories have appeared on television network news, local news, social media and online. For the past 15 years, private sector clients plus local and federal government, non-profits and others have entrusted the Dubek Media Group to help them tell their best story.

Our program utilizes a combination of classroom instruction with hands-on review and feedback to guide your team through the best practices of telling your best story through video.

Visual Storytelling 101

Curriculum includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • How to Think “Visually”.

  • Pre-production steps to ensure a great story.

  • How to storyboard.

  • Writing to Video

  • Sequencing your shoot.

  • How to conduct better on-camera interviews.

  • Improving shoot efficiency.

  • The importance of B-Roll.

  • Basics of better cinematography.

  • Basics of better editing.

  • The importance of transcription.

  • Basics of better script writing.

  • How to put an interviewee at ease.

  • How to perform better on-camera and when to use a stand-up.

  • Narration versus first-person storytelling.

  • Voice-over tips.

  • All training available in-person or virtually.