(TEST) Video Production Phoenix, Arizona

Why hire the Dubek Media Group for your video production in Phoenix, Arizona?

Simple answer- we are a one stop solution for everything you need. There are a lot of talented videographers in the Phoenix, AZ. marketplace, but many of them have a single focus in photography, with a similar resume. At Dubek Media Group, you get award winning videographers AND an Emmy award winning TV network news reporter as your personal project producer. Rich Dubek is the guy the networks call when a story breaks. When your company, government group, or agency hires the Dubek Media Group, you get Rich Dubek as your video production Phoenix project lead. This is the DMG difference.

With our diverse skill set at your disposal, we get the Phoenix video  production shots you need along with the sound bites only an experienced interviewer can get. Additionally, Rich will personally transcribe all of the raw footage and craft your script.  He will forward the script to you for review and upon approval, his Emmy award winning editing team will begin their work. Need a voice-over? Rich has voiced thousands of network news stories and he can voice your video too.

Once we have completed the first draft, we will forward you a private Vimeo link to review your video.  We will make any needed revisions and then send you the final video via an FTP download link. You can download the video as many times as you like, to as many devices as you like. Additionally, we will store your raw video so we can access it later, should you need a revised version or wish to create new content. Our system is time tested and it works.

Since 2008, hundreds of private sector and government clients have utilized the Emmy award winning Arizona video production services of the Dubek Media Group. So whether you are across the country or living in Arizona, the Dubek Media Group can bring your video production project to life.