A picture may be worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, but few things on the internet have as much of an impact as video content. According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words, or roughly 3,600 individual web pages. If you were to write one page per hour, it would take you about 150 days to finish such a project. Fortunately, however, making even a one-minute video can have more of an impact.

Many businesses choose to make training videos for their new employees or videos for use on the company intranet. They may also create videos that serve as advertisements. Whether they’re ads on TV or part of a content marketing campaign online, the trick to any corporate video production is to make sure you’re prepared. These four tips will help to explain what is entailed in the creation of a quality video production.

Writing the script.

There’s nothing quite like being prepared when you’re coming up with video marketing materials or other visuals for your business. In order to create the best video possible, you’ll want to make sure everyone is on the same page — literally! Figure out which topics to cover in your video and begin writing a script for it. If you have any writers or editors on your staff, let them give the script a once-over to make sure it’s really tightened up.

Be entertaining.

You can also take this time to get creative with your corporate video production. Get employees involved, use humor, and choose unique settings for your videos to really make them interesting. You can even intersperse different types of segments into your videos, so they’re not all information and no entertainment. Using mock news interviews, for example, can add the perfect blend of “infotainment” to your corporate videos. This is especially important if your video will be posted online. With more than one billion YouTube users viewing video content four billion times per day, you’ll want to find a way to stand out if you want to go viral, too.

Find the right people.

The people you use will help to create the image of your company. While it is very important to hire a professional, sometimes having employees appear in the video can be a nice touch. When your workers view the video, especially in the case of training and government videos, then it can be something of a morale booster to see actual employees and higher-ups interacting onscreen. If the video will be viewed by customers, such as in the case of a commercial, then showcasing your employees can also provide your business with personal feel.

Get the right equipment.

Having the proper equipment for your shoot is extremely important as is working with professional videographers. Business video production projects should utilize the best equipment possible to make sure that your videos look professional.

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