On any given day around the world, up to one billion people will watch as many as four billion YouTube videos. In fact, YouTube’s mobile version alone reaches more Americans between the ages of 18 and 49 than any cable network.

Those kind of numbers are incredibly attractive to marketers, which is why so many companies invested in video marketing for the first time in 2015. The low barrier of entry and incredible reach of YouTube has left many companies eager to combine marketing and web video, searching for that elusive viral hit.

Unfortunately, most Do It Yourself videos fail. There are so many ways a corporate video production can go wrong. Without using a professional video production company,  there’s very little chance your video project will succeed.

Avoid These Common Video Production Mistakes

Our company provides the video production Phoenix, Arizona depends on to make successful marketing campaigns. Over the years, we’ve seen a number of amateur productions fall apart, usually for the same reasons. Here are the top five ways DIY video production fails:

  1. It’s Going To Be Fun! Too many failed video projects have begun with those words. Video production can seem simple when you only see the final product, which leads people to believe that all they need is a camera, a good idea, and enthusiasm. Ultimately, that’s not enough to produce a professional quality video.
  2. The Wrong Equipment: Even 13-year-old kids on YouTube are now shooting with professional lighting and cameras. To create a professional looking video, you need to invest in lights, microphones, a tripod, and expensive camera equipment like DSLR or broadcast camera.  Without any of these, your video will look amateurish. Does it make sense for you or your business to spend all of that money? Especially if you only need one or two videos?
  3. No Budget: While people think that anyone with a camera can produce a video, they often don’t devote a budget for their video marketing. And without the budget for possible media training, gear, and videographers, the project is unlikely to yield a return on investment.
  4. Trying Too Hard To Be Funny: Every video production company has gotten a call from a corporate executive that wants a hilarious viral video, like magic. But online video consumers are savvy, and it’s not easy to make genuinely funny videos online. Too often, these attempts fall flat and even lead to ridicule.
  5. No Metric For Success: Even many successful video projects end up being a failure. There are many well-produced videos on YouTube with less than 100 views. Without a plan for releasing and promoting the video, as well as clear metrics for success, the video falls on deaf ears. It’s crucial to have clear goals going into a project, plus clear ways to measure results.

How To Get Into Video Marketing For 2016

There’s no magic formula for video production, but there are some crucial elements, like the right equipment, the right people, and the right creative idea. Many people want to make a video for their company, but few will take the time to learn how to effectively produce videos.

If you’re looking to invest in video marketing, then consider a professional video production company. Because without the right video production experience, your video marketing project is doomed before it begins.

Remember: there’s no middle ground between a professional quality video and an amateurish failure. Consumers will recognize unprofessional projects instantly.