Even at 78 years young, the greatest golfer to ever play the game is still a very busy guy. Jack Nicklaus, nicknamed the Golden Bear, still holds the record for most career major wins at 18 and is considered by most to be the sports biggest name. Frankly, that is why he is still so busy, as he consults the finest golf properties all over the world, including Scottsdale, Arizona, where we caught up with the living legend:

Nicklaus is the course designer for our client, the stunning Desert Mountain Golf Community, where we had the opportunity to capture video content of his visit there. As an Arizona-based video production company, we were warned of the challenges involved with this assignment: Jack has a very tight schedule and understandably, would not be slowing down for our crew. In fact, we were told he would be touring one of the courses by golf cart, literally needing to inspect every single hole. We would have to give chase, also in a golf cart, with no time for lighting, special set-ups, staged shots, or anything else we normally do in our video world. He is, after all, Jack Nicklaus.

News crew instincts activated! We followed and captured what we could. Jack took pity on us at the 18th, and gave us five minutes for a quick interview.Could we have done more? It’s easy to second guess. We wish we had mounted a Go-Pro or two on Jack’s cart. We wish we had time to launch the drone for an aerial shot or two. We really needed more cutaway shots and we wish we had time to cut down the harsh Arizona sun on Jack’s face during the interview. But he is a very busy Golden Bear and we get it.

Was it worth it? Oh yeah. It’s not everyday we get to work with a living legend.