“Get my good side!” If we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard someone say that before a sit-down interview. While many will ask jokingly, you can always sense some sincerity and concern in the question. But do most people have a bad side?

I was reminded of this topic recently watching the movie Barbie. The lead actor, Margot Robbie, does not have a bad side. Both sides work very well. But back in reality, amongst us mere mortals, we might have a side of our face that appears better than the other side.

Maybe you have a scar, birthmark, or a wrinkle you don’t like. I think my face looks better on my left side than on my right. I always prefer to be on camera with my left emphasis. Whatever the reason, there are some with legitimate concerns for wanting to appear featured on one side over the other, but you shouldn’t be overly concerned. Here’s why:

Professional Camera Operators are good at what they do.

Her job is to make you look great! And pros will do what it takes to make sure. Oftentimes, lighting plays a significant role in how you appear on camera. The women and men we work with will take their time to ensure you are happy with the result and will often make many lighting adjustments along the way. Trust the process.

Understand that you are your own worst critic.

A shortcoming you communicate to the crew is appreciated but often not a shortcoming at all. We see many faces and skin tones and can effectively work with all of them. Cut yourself some slack. None of us are perfect (except for Margot Robbie).

You can provide quality control!

If you still lack confidence in how you will appear on camera, ask the crew to show you a preview shot. Often, they have a monitor for that, and they can flip it around so you can see how you look. If they do not have a monitor, they usually can flip the camera’s LCD screen around and show you the shot. It’s not as large, but it’s still better than nothing. Also, make sure to take the time to check your hair and make-up before the shoot.

While most of us are not blessed with Margot Robbie’s face, our experience says you will look better than you think. Don’t freak out!

Rich Dubek is an Emmy award-winning TV news reporter and President of the Dubek Media Group in Tempe, Arizona. The company specializes in high-end video production and media training/on-camera coaching.