Users of the ChatGPT app already know the mind-blowing power of AI and how it is changing the world. But artificial intelligence is also being used in the video production world too. Just this week, the popular video hosting site Vimeo announced a transcription partnership with transcription company,, to blend services to provide a way to automatically get video captioning , partially done through AI.

The process of video production is getting easier through AI, no doubt. Here are just some of the ways:


If you watch You Tube videos, you may have listened to an AI generated VoiceOver and didn’t know it. Try listening again. The VoiceOver of that travel channel you follow or entertainment channel featuring a look back at the cast of some old movie may be AI generated. I can tell the difference. There is definitely a more robotic sound and lack of changes in cadence and pitch which gives it away. It’s quick and easy though, no doubt.


There are already plug-ins available which offer content creators the ability to generate a video script through AI. It’s fast and does a remarkable job of compressing lots of information into a smaller package. But as you can probably guess, you will still need a skilled human writer to review the script to ensure it connects with human beings.


We already addressed this partially above, but it’s worth mentioning again as anyone in the video production world knows how time consuming and brutal it is to transcribe raw video interviews the old school way. Transcription may be the field where current AI shines the brightest. The ability to quickly turn transcriptions and cut out the many hours it used to take to go through interviews to find the best soundbites is remarkable.

AI Shortcomings

As you have likely guessed, the human element of storytelling is still key. AI generated voiceovers still sound “off”. AI generated scripts will still likely be missing key elements to humanize the story. And those magical emotional moments captured through video which makes a video compelling and worth watching is still best left to human beings. Additionally, the creative process of coming up with a storyboard to match the mission of the video will be very difficult to do through AI. That being said, AI will still be a very helpful tool

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