A client recently asked me about the anticipated shelf life of a recently completed Phoenix video production for an area business. That question spurred the idea for this blog and the topic, how often should you update company marketing videos? It really is a great question and the answer is not simple.

Many if not all of our Phoenix video production projects are time consuming and subsequently, not inexpensive. But our clients understand that by spending the money, their investments pay off over the long run through online marketing, SEO, and other company promotion and branding opportunities. Generally speaking, the consensus here is that a well produced marketing video should remain relevant for about three years. Why? That is about how long most businesses stay consistent with their current “look” which may include their website, logo, colors, other marketing items, and personnel. Think about that for a moment. How long do businesses you follow stay intact before a re-brand? Some may go many years without a change but others may “freshen up” every couple of years. Either way, that is also usually a good time to think about updating your video. Here are some other factors which may play into your decision:

Has your location or building changed? If so, your video may look dated or stale if it was shot on-location in your old building or at a different location. You may be able to use your existing interviews and just freshen up the B-Roll with shots of the new facility.

-Have your employees gone somewhere else? Employee turn-over is inevitable but if most or all of the people who were featured in your original video have moved on, you need a revised video. There is nothing worse than seeing interviews with executive leaders who are now working for the competitor!

-Has your product or the industry drastically changed? Technology and market conditions are drastically changing. If you have a new product line, or if market conditions forced changes in your business, you may need a new video which reflects those changes.

Additionally, there are other factors which may play a role too. If your video was shot many years ago in standard definition, people now expect to watch video in HD. It is time for a revised video. If none of these apply, your video probably still has some life in it. Stay the course for now. You will know when it’s time.