I will admit that video production for EXTERNAL audiences makes up the highest percentage of our video production projects. But don’t confuse the numbers with the importance of effective internal communications using video. While video story-telling for external communication is likely the priority, making sure your employees know your company story is critical for any highly effective sales/marketing/outreach/leadership team.

That’s why we were excited to begin work on a recent video production project for an INTERNAL audience specializing in high demand, non-profit community work in Phoenix, Arizona. Jewish Family & Children’s Services of Arizona hired the Dubek Media Group to produce a new hire video which told their unique story and would serve the purpose of educating new hires about their impressive history and mission:


There were several challenges to this project. Understanding the importance of holding employees attention, the client understood that less is often more, with the desire to keep the video in the 3 to 5 minute range.  But how do you tell a story 50 years in the making in just 3 to 5 minutes? Additionally, privacy is a concern as their clients could not be shown on-camera, meaning we would be visually poor going in. Here are a few things we came up with to deal with these challenges:

We identified our best soundbites.

Working with the client, we hand-picked leaders who are strong on-camera presenters, who could best tell their unique story.

We used photos and graphics.

When faced with a lack of B-Roll, use other visuals. The client found a bunch of historical photographs which help visually tell their story over the many years. Additionally, we punched up the visuals in post with bullet point text graphics to add emphasis and break-up the talking heads.

We condensed their story.

As we always do, we identified their most significant achievements to weave their story, and keep us within our allotted run time.

We are pleased to report the client is thrilled with the results and moving forward, every new hire watches this video as part of the new hire orientation process.