A lot of people assume this is what I do. But most audiences can see right through “spin”. “Spin” at your own peril. Instead, we teach message creation and delivery tactics. There are two sides to every story and we empower our clients to be able to tell their side with expertise and precision.


My news media colleagues love to curse me and assume I prevent news interview access when they really should be praising me. I encourage all of my media training clients to do the exact opposite while promoting complete transparency. This comes from giving them the confidence to welcome each and every media interview opportunity. Additionally, we provide the tools to make our clients look and sound better on TV, which every news outlet should appreciate. After all, the end result will be a better sound bite.

ASU hoops media training


In today’s digital media world, there are many eyes and ears watching business and governments every move and they do not hesitate to call out their mistakes, both in traditional and social media circles. With that in mind, any attempt to deceive any audience is a dangerous game. instead, our focus is on message clarity, empathy, and the willingness to admit and take responsibility for mistakes. Most audiences are forgiving when you show your human side and willingness to fix the problem.


Our tactics and techniques are often applied in a variety of ways including meetings with colleagues, sales and marketing pitches, speeches, government meetings and proposals, and yes, the news media. At the heart of all of it is the ability to improve overall communications through message creation and condensing, delivering messages with more energy and passion, improving facial and body animation, how to answer difficult questions and addressing the unknown. These tactics can be applied to areas more broad than just the news media. Each can be used to improve our day to day strategic communications.