Dubek Media Group adds video production training to its suite of media training services.

March 31, 2023

The Dubek Media Group is pleased to announce new training curriculum within our media training consulting suite of services. “Visual Storytelling 101” is now available to all existing and DMG clients. This new training curriculum is now offered along with our long time and highly successful “Media Training 101” program.

Visual Storytelling 101 focuses on all aspects of telling great stories through video and uses a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on review and feedback. Dubek Media Group President Rich Dubek will personally lead the training utilizing his thirty years of Emmy award winning video storytelling experience in TV network and local news, and fifteen years in private sector, non-profit and government video content creation.

“Over the years we’ve been asked over and over, do you also offer video production and storytelling classes? So this has been on the back burner for awhile now”, says Dubek,, “We are finally doing it. The demand for compelling visual stories has never been higher.”

The curriculum is an overview of best visual storytelling practices and includes best practices related to pre-production, transcription and writing to video, shooting and editing basics, voice-over, appearing on-camera and stand-ups, conducting better interviews, understanding and selecting the best soundbites, and many other topics. Click here for more details.

The Dubek Media Group is a boutique media company specializing in full service video production and media training. DMG is based in Tempe, Arizona. www.dubekmediagroup.com