By now most of the world has heard about the prank call gone terribly wrong involving two Australian deejays and a London nurse.  According to early reports, that nurse committed suicide after being on the receiving end of the prank call where the deejays pretended to be Queen Elizabeth and Price Charles, inquiring about the health status of then hospitalized Kate Middleton.

Upon further review, the impressions were really bad and the hoax juvenile, but beyond that, can there really be any blame or charges? The deejays have been interviewed multiple times by multiple organizations and have visibly broken down and apologized for their actions. After hearing the call it is clear that there was no malicious intent or cruel actions directed toward the nurse or anyone else. It was simply a silly prank which has been done thousands of times beforehand. Even the deejays admit they expected to be hung up on early in the call.

I feel horrible for the nurse and her family but it is clear now that she must have been dealing with other issues besides this phone call. As for the deejays, they have lost their jobs and will have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

A silly prank gone terribly wrong indeed.