If you want your business to show up on search engine sites, Google says you need video. But you can’t expect to set-up a camcorder and push record and get the results you want and need. Producing an effective web video for your business is not rocket science but it’s also not as easy as you may think.  Here are our top 3 tips for making an effective web video:

1. Write a script/outline/storyboard-Any effective video requires a plan. It doesn’t have to be precise or word for word, however you need to identify the most marketable aspects of your business and focus on those features. Additionally, ask yourself who is the best person to deliver your message? You, your spouse, a spokesperson? Or maybe your story can be told simply through on-screen text graphics? And what visuals show off your business best? The most engaging  videos are usually those with the best visuals.

2. K-I-S-S-Yes, the old “kiss concept” very much applies to the video world. K-I-S-S or “keep it simple stupid”, means just that. An effective web video is one that holds and keeps the attention of the viewer. Attention spans on the internet are even shorter than on television. You must make your point quickly if you want your web video to make an impression. For most marketing videos, that means a total run time in the vicinity of one to two minutes, tops. Longer does not necessarily mean better. In fact, it usually results in the opposite.

3. Hire a pro crew-In a tight economy it may be tempting to hire that high school AV kid with the camcorder, bless his heart. But we strongly say, don’t do it. While the price will be right, the product will not and most importantly, your business will forever be branded amateur in the digital world.  Save up your money and hire a crew who knows what they are doing. You will be thankful you did.