The video production team at DMG is very proud of this special video we produced for the Tempe Police Department. This long time media training client recently came to us with a different project in mind. The department wanted to create a high end, fast-paced video which showcases the diversity of their many departments and officers, while also serving as a means to reach new potential recruits via their website and social media.

This project was a little different for us. Often our clients will utilize our TV news backgrounds to  conduct interviews and produce video content which often looks and sounds like news stories. But this time, we were asked to produce the opposite, a story told though action sequences and natural sound, as opposed to formal sit-down interviews.

To pull it off, there was  location scouting, planning, and many pre-production meetings. As we always do here at DMG, we utilized our unique staffing model to hand select the best crew and equipment available to meet the demands and expectations of the client and project. We knew we were going to be moving around a lot, including squeezed into some cramped areas, so we decided to use the smaller Sony FS5 camera as our “A” camera. We also used the DJI Osmo and Go Pro as “B” cameras and for POV. Additionally, we used the DJI Mavic Pro for our aerial shots. We shot everything in 4K at 24 FPS, to create more of a cinematic raw look. Our editor spent a week in the edit room doing her thing and color grading all the footage.

The client is thrilled and so are we. We had a lot of fun on this and are proud to work with Tempe’s finest. If you are interested in telling your best story through video, feel free to call us at 480 250-6479 or email us at