Have you ever caught yourself screaming while watching a video story on local TV news or on-line, begging the narrator or reporter to shut up! Yeah, me too. (I hope I didn’t violate my own rules during my TV reporting years?) Some times the story simply tells itself with little help needed from the reporter or host. I am pleased to report that a news crew covering a recent story in Michigan got it right and let the story play out (and subsequently, they didn’t ruin it).

It’s a comical story about a twenty-something year old guy there who hosted a massive rave. As the story develops, the crew was savvy enough to realize the rave host WAS the story:

Not every reporter or producer would have let this story breath. The key is knowing when you have a really strong interview and then adjusting the story to showcase all of those great sound bites. Why do a long voice-over when one is not needed? You might be surprised as to how many people repeatedly fail the test. And it’s not just news stories. The same philosophy applies to sports, too. How many times have you witnessed a play by play announcer ruin a dramatic moment with voice-over? Some times the moment needs no explanation. Sit back and let it play out.

The best in the business know when to talk and when to shut up.