Using video to help tell your unique business story is no longer an add-on marketing option. It is a consumer expectation. This marketing lesson recently driven home by one of our ad agency clients over coffee who described the upcoming new year for them as “the year of video”. This particular agency has signed some new clients and she mentioned that every single one of them would need a video marketing plan in 2019. She is right.

Think about it. How often do you use video to make an informed decision? The biggest purchase any of us ever make is usually a home. If you are looking to buy a home, is it enough to see a few still pictures or is it more impactful to see a walk-through video? Just about every car dealer is now using moving video to showcase their inventory. Here at the Dubek Media Group, we recently were in the market to buy a new camera to add to our video production tool shed. Like any other major purchase, we read reviews and do spec research AND look at product video demonstrations to make an informed decision. I can’t imagine making a purchase without the ability to watch several videos, where I can see, and examine, and take an in-depth tour of the camera we have in mind.

And this lesson extends beyond a retail purchase. Any corporation, government group, or non-profit is now EXPECTED to have a relevant video story which tells their unique story.  The numbers don’t lie. We know video marketing drastically improves SEO, engagement, time spent viewing, and ultimately, sales. Video adds credibility and expertise and a personal experience no other media can duplicate. Our advice for the new year-formulate your video marketing campaign right now. Or eject!

Rich Dubek is a two-time Emmy award winning TV news reporter with more than twenty five years of news media experience at the local and network level. He is President of the Dubek Media Group, specializing in expert media training and on-air coaching, and full service video production. The Dubek Media Group is based in Tempe, Arizona.