We are currently working with a major healthcare provider and a police department, providing media training, coaching, and strategic messaging.

AZ Freelance TV is working with public information officers, doctors, and company executives to improve communication skills, on-camera performance, strategic messaging, and the ability to handle tough questions through message bracketing.

We expect the demand for these services to increase as the digital media world continues to grow and expand, creating new challenges for those in the public eye.

How do ASU Back To School Students Spell Relief? W-H-A-T-A-B-U-R-G-E-R

100+ degrees and humid. That was move-in day at Arizona State University. Thankfully, Whataburger was there to provide all the free water students and parents needed to survive the heat.

AZ Freelance TV cameras shot the video and conducted interviews for the Texas-based fast food chain. And by far the two most common words we heard all day-Thank you!