What is sustainable health? Simply put, it is our ability to live a long and healthy life. But did you know the general population is aging? Not only are we living longer, but our younger population is also shrinking, and here lies the problem. As we age, who will take care of us? And who will pay the bill?

AZ Freelance TV recently explored this topic as part of a video we produced for Arizona State University’s Center for Sustainable Health:

Sustainable Health video 

We also produced another video on Arizona State University’s new sustainability class, as well as an open house video for the Biodesign Institute.

We are proud to be working with the University on these exciting new developments in education and science here in Arizona

49 year old MLB pitcher gives us middle aged men hope

In our book, Jaime Moyer is a rock star without the attitude. The 49 year year old baseball veteran recently cracked the starting pitching rotation for the Colorado Rockies, an amazing feat considering major league baseball is dominated by 20 somethings and muscle bound freaks of nature. Moyer is neither.

We spent an early morning with Jaime Moyer during spring training at the Scottsdale, Arizona home of the Rockies and Diamondbacks. AZ Freelance TV produced a live shot for NBC’s Matt Lauer and the Today Show, while also learning that nice guys can indeed finish first.