Video, the news media, your website, press conferences, sales and marketing meetings, city council meetings, speaking engagements, even cocktail parties and neighborhood barbecues-all are opportunities for you to share your story. But can you tell your best story efficiently and effectively? Media training for technology companies can be challenging, not because they can’t be marketed effectively, but because most technology company executives are not equipped or trained to effectively message their business.

This was a big challenge for one of our high tech bio-science clients. In simple terms, Arizona based Heliae makes algae. The algae is used in a variety of ways including food, cosmetics, fuel, etc. As you can imagine, Heliae employs a brilliant team of researchers and scientists who work long hours to manufacture new forms of algae that can potentially be used in a variety of new ways. While this is amazing and highly technical, their team struggled with sharing their story in way the public and media could understand. They had never been media trained.

Heliae 1

With so much science, and engineering, and research; how do you tell this complex story in simple terms? How do you condense what is a very long story? How do you avoid scientific jargon and use everyday language? And how do we get brilliant scientists to message in way that engages and excites an audience?


This is precisely what we do at the Dubek Media Group. We utilize decades of Emmy award winning TV news story-telling experience to assist our clients with telling their best story.

We sat down with the Heliae executive leadership team and developed some key company messages. We then used a video camera to record a series of mock interviews, analyzing their on-camera performance and offered useful feedback to improve their interview techniques. We also forced the team to put their key messages into play, as nothing improves messaging faster than practice and repetition.  The end result? The team was much more confident, more prepared, and empowered to deliver effective and efficient messages for an appearance on the Discovery Channel, which featured Heliae. This is the power of media training.

Technology companies are not the only ones struggling with their messaging and lack of media training. It turns out it is common in many industries, so please check back often as we will add more successful media training and video stories to this new area of the site.

It’s all about making sure you can tell your best story for any audience or any venue.