You would be hard pressed to find someone on this planet not impacted in some way by health care. That’s why it is critical, when it comes to video production for the healthcare industry, to build powerful, visual patient stories as your central theme. After all, ultimately the only person who matters in healthcare is the person impacted by the care or treatment.Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Offices

That was the case when the Dubek Media Group traveled to Beverly Hills to profile a patient at the center of a new product/treatment to battle post surgical scarring. Robyn previously had lap band surgery, and subsequently, she lost more than two hundred pounds. While she was thrilled with the results, her transformation left her with another challenge-excessive skin. Doctors can remove loose skin through plastic surgery, but the procedure is extensive and would typically leave many scars.

Our job, as the video production team, was to tell Robyn’s amazing story while showcasing a new product designed to drastically reduce post-surgery scarring. We shot interviews with two plastic surgeons inside their Beverly Hills offices, and also joined them with our cameras during surgery. We interviewed Robyn both before and after her surgery, and captured her emotional post surgery meeting with her doctors.

Our Dubek Media Group video production team helped Robyn and her doctors to craft an emotional story, but the end product also provides a great way to promote the plastic surgeons. If you are thinking about promoting and ultimately growing your business, then give the Dubek Media Group a call today. We will help tell your best story! There are many ways to tell a story, but only experienced video production professionals are great video story-tellers.  Whether you are in the healthcare industry, overseeing a technical business, or any other business for that matter, marketing your company through video production, or media training and coaching, can ensure your best story.

By the way, our patient and client are equally thrilled with the results and final video.